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Audio and Video component shelves
they are great for keyboards too!

Don't you hate trying to get to the back of your amp to connect a new component?
May we suggest installing pull out shelves for your audio video components

amplifier and receiver storage made easy with our economy pull out or sliding shelf perfect media storage for your home entertainment center

Qty: Price: $59.95
Width from 6 to 26 inches wide - Example 13 7/16:
Depth from 12 1/4 to 24 1/4 - Example 22 1/4:  
Slide type:   
Trim Wood: 
Mounting style:
Special instruction - Spacers?:

Component Media Shelf - White Melamine pull out shelf 
Shelf now available in Oak or Maple for $25 more

This shelf uses top quality 100 pound capacity Blum slides. Your choice of Maple or Oak hardwood front trim. Variety of mounting choices. You can mount on to an existing full shelf or cabinet bottom with 4 "L" bracket - Request Full shelf. Mounts to an existing half depth shelf with 2 "L" brackets - Request Half shelf. No shelf? We have rear sockets that will mount to the back wall or order it with spacers and you can side mount it. Order the width by the clear opening of your cabinet. Available for openings from 6" to 26" wide in 1/16" increments. The clear opening is the cabinet opening minus hinges or door interference. We will adjust the size of the finished shelf to accommodate the sliding hardware. For cabinet depth measure from the inside edge of the cabinet face to the back of the cabinet or opening. Remember to allow room for your wiring. Depth increments are from 12 1/4" to 22 1/4" in 2" increments. Also available in 10 1/4" and 24 1/4" for an additional charge. For extra access you can order a 10 1/4" to 20 1/4" on slides that are 2" longer to allow for wiring. Hardware is included. Available spacers are 1/8", 3/8", and 1/2". Component sliding shelves are custom made and usually ship within one week from the order date.


Custom made sliding shelves or pull outs for your home entertainment system. As fast as today's technology changes you know you will be changing components or adding on to your home theater system. Don't you hate trying to get to the back of the receiver or DVD player to connect the wiring. Picture your components on sliding pull out shelves. Time to make a change, no problem just slide out the components to more easily access the wiring and make the needed changes. Lets say your cabinet is 23" deep, the average component is 16" or less, order a 20" deep shelf with full extension 22" slides and the back of your component will be out 7" from the front of the cabinet (the 20" shelf with 22" slides gives room for the wiring when the roll out shelf is closed). If your DVD or VCR is 12" deep you will have 11" over extension. Take a look at our Media Shelf page for DVD and CD flip strips to organize your audio and video libraries. Flip strips added to our component media shelf with the optional full extension slides make the perfect storage for your cd's and dvd's. You pull out the sliding shelf and simply flip through the titles to find what you are looking for. 

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