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110 TV swivel shelf

Full Extension sliding swivel television shelves

slideout tv shelf sliding swivel television shelves sliding swivel television shelvesTV sliding shelf full extension pull out shelves 110 pound capacity slide and swivel light weight tv shelf

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This light weight TV shelf is a low cost option for a smaller TV's. It is designed for a 13" old picture tube type television not today's flat screens. We do not recommend this unit for newer flat screen sets over 26". For larger LCD or Plasma sets look at our 225 system as it can handle a larger platform that the larger sets require. This slideout tv shelf unit features full extension zinc plated ball bearing slides with 110* pounds capacity. The sliding swivel plate is 12 9/16" square and has a brown epoxy finish. There are holes in the plate to attach your shelf on top to support your TV. This unit is just 1 3/4" tall, 15 3/16" wide and 13 3/4" deep. The swivel plate extends 13 3/8" from its closed position. The plate can swivel a full 360 degrees. This slideout tv shelf is designed to use a shelf platform that you supply and attach to the swivel plate. You can also purchase a custom topper shelf from us. The slideout tv shelf unit is shipped fully assembled and ready to install, there are no mounting screws or bolts included. This unit as all of the television slideouts is rated based on a balanced load placed in the center of the swivel. If you have a new style Plasma or LCD type set you should look at our Plasma DLP page for systems instead of this unit. Be sure to secure any structure that has a slide out TV shelf installed. You may need to anchor a cabinet to the wall or floor to be sure the structure will not tip when the TV shelf is extended with the television in place


*Weight rating is based on a standard CRT set centered on the swivel, this unit was not designed for flat screen TV's so although your 42" set may weigh 40 pounds it is really too large for this unit

Quality sliding swivel television shelves at a price you can afford. Low internet pricing on a light weight tv shelf with 360 degree swivel. We offer a large selection with a slideout shelf to fit your needs. TV pull out shelves make it easy to view your television from anywhere in the room.

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