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Flat Mounts

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Mounts LCD and Plasma Flat screen TV's


Flat Mounts

Swing Arm Mounts

Flat mounts let you mount your Plasma or LCD tight against your wall is your source for LCD TV wall mounts and plasma TV wall mounts. Just purchase a new LCD or plasma TV and realize that you have nowhere to put it? Want to position your new LCD or plasma TV so that it can be seen from anywhere in the room?

We have flat mounts for small medium and large TVs. Some allow you to tilt your TV for proper viewing

Articulating swing arm allow you to swivel and extend your flat mount wall brackets

swing arm mounts come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Some give a small amount of swivel while others swing out and let you adjust nearly every angle of your TV

TV Sliding shelves

Plasma & LCD - pull out sliding shelves

All of our slide out shelves have weight ratings that are meant for the traditional CRT type televisions. With wide screen flat display sets today a 42" set may weigh less than 75 pounds but that does not mean you can use the 110 pound pull out shelf system. If we went by weight alone the 42" set would work on the 110 pound system but that is not the case. The LCD and Plasma sets are front heavy and the swivels were designed to have the load balanced on the swivel plate. A 75 pound set perched on the end of a 225 pound system can be a scary sight. Of course if you can set the set on the center of the swivel the 225 pound would work just fine. We recommend going overkill and using either the 450 pound or the 500 pound full extension systems. The swivels on these units are machined aluminum with ball bearings. They can handle the off balance load that the other systems can not.

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